A War of Our Own tickets on sale this Monday, October 2nd

Please share this announcement wherever you can, to support our event.

Since A War of Our Own announced, we have had nothing but amazing support from the community and from refugee advocates from around the world. While we initially planned to put tickets on sale for the event in September, events have delayed our release. Most notably, Hurricane Harvey pulled our lead Steve Metze into his official duties as a National Guard officer, and other delays struck the team.

But, we have met with the site owners and done the math, and made sure we had the right numbers to ensure a successful event.


The ticket will include a planned 14 hour event this February, including workshopping and safety briefings and debriefings.

With your standard ticket, each participant will receive a free downloadable copy of This War of Mine, that they may give away or use themselves. This will be for the PC version of the game. Once again, we would like to thank 11-bit Studios for their incredible generosity in supporting our event.


The basic cost for A War of Our Own ticket is $60. This price includes a donation to Children in Conflict, the American partner of War Child. Our intention is for $30 of the ticket price to go to Children in Conflict, and $30 to go to our operating costs, food for volunteers, gas for vehicles and site fees.

You will also be able to increase your donation to Children in Conflict, or donate without buying a ticket. Players who donate more to the charity will be considered for more prominent roles or special situations.

You might ask – why is the basic donation rolled into the ticket price? Two reasons – we wanted to have a minimum donation associated with the event; and we wanted some flexibility with addressing surprise costs or surprise surpluses. All proceeds will be going to Children in Conflict, but if a cold day calls for us to provide a box of hand warmers to our volunteers or we end up using less money than we expected, we want the flexibility to support the event and get as much donations as possible to Children in Conflict.

There will be options to support ‘scholarship’ tickets for those who wish to support the event but cannot attend. Players who would like to attend but are not financially able will be able to apply for a free scholarship ticket later this year.


There will be an initial sale of 60 tickets, with five scholarship tickets available. We may release a second wave of tickets if there is enough interest in increasing our population.

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