A War of Our Own is happening, Wave 2 tickets on sale soon

Our event in February is now guaranteed to happen.

In order to secure the site and the vehicles, we had to put down a deposit before the Thanksgiving break, which is why we had our deadline for ticket sales. As of yesterday, we sold the number of tickets we needed for the deposit while keeping our promises to Children in Conflict.

Thank you for everyone who bought in and made this event happen. Because we’ve met our minimums for our costs, we can offer a second wave of tickets starting tomorrow. Wave 1 tickets are still on sale til midnight tonight.

Thank you so much for making this unique experience possible and helping a great charity. And thank you for all the support we’ve gotten so far. But please, keep spreading the word. Donations and ticket sales are still critical, giving us the budget we need to make a better event and a bigger donation to children hurt by war throughout the world.

Click here to buy tickets now.

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