Players: How to prepare for the upcoming event

We are 12 days from the event, and we are about to launch the character selection and creation on our Larpweaver tool. So, here’s our advice for the coming two weeks.

  • This week, you will be getting an invite to join Larpweaver, our LARP management and creation tool. There, you will complete questionnaires and go through steps to select your groups. If you want to play with particular people, you will be given the chance to coordinate and make choices before finalizing them.
  • Pay attention to our Facebook group, the email you bought your ticket under or this blog for further news, and use those platforms to coordinate with other players once you have received your characters.
  • Costuming aims for the look and feel of late 20th century Eastern European civilians in a war zone. That means modern day clothing, simple color schemes, maybe limited military surplus. While it is relatively warm in Texas, it is expected to be sunny during the day and in the 60s, but dip into the low 40s at night – and we will be playing until 9 to 10pm. So dress in layers.
  • Water will be provided on site, but please bring your own food for lunch and dinner. Leaving the site and returning will not be allowed once the main game begins.
  • If you have not already looked at our setting materials, take a look and read up on the setting.

We are a little later with this than we had hoped – short version, the holidays were brutal – but we are coming in and trying to provide everyone with what they need as soon as possible. Thanks, and we look forward to seeing everyone on the 3rd!

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